Original Series


SYNOPSIS: “Raw Dog King” is an original series that provides a true and honest look at the purpose of relationships, commitment, how it ties into personal success and who gets to set the rules. In a world were more than half of society deems marriage as morally responsible and a requirement to a fulfilling life, is it possible for a man to never commit and still be consider one of the good ones? As Arthur “King” McBride sets out on a journey to sleep with 1,000 woman before considering another relationship, he wrestles with questions of commitment and life fulfillment. Practicing safe sex of course, King uses each dating situation as an opportunity to learn something new about women, culture, arts, religion, language, emotions, and of course himself. While making the journey on this road less traveled, King lives by the basic principle of being honest with his companions. For King, to be honest is to tell the truth in its RAWIST form.