About Us

What begin as a thought in 2004 and evolved into a brand in presence day, Loyal Brothers Company has a mission to become the leading producer of preeminent visual entertainment, modern literature and brand marketing, to come out of the mind of a true “conscious” thinker.

In the urban community, the conscious thinker is often seen as the nerdy, way left type with an inclination for a bold style and vision. The one who isn’t afraid to stand out in the crowd with a difference in opinion while in the pursuit of brilliance. This definition is the very meaning of Loyal Bros. Co. Different from the rest with a vision that’s light years ahead of its time and inspired by the people. Much more than unique, the ideals of Loyal Brothers Company are advanced.

As we develop and expand our vision of creativity, Loyal Bros. Co. will become known as a brand synonymous with smart innovation embodied with truth and birth from organic evolution. Staying dedicated to the roots of our intentions, it is our goal not only to entertain our audience but to do so with the most creative, original and thought provoking ideas yet to be seen or heard.

Loyal Brothers is not just a name, it’s who we are. It’s a characteristic that we embody as we work to move forward the recognition of culturally based thinkers.